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    What does it mean to work for ArtNight?

    We have the vision to create a leisure activity for EVERYONE. We don’t just want to entertain, we want to create unforgettable moments, inspire more creativity, more togetherness and of course, more fun. We offer a new form of entertainment that brings us together offline – away from the screens and towards the creativity lying deep within all of us! When you host an ArtNight, you’ll be allowing your guests to forget their everyday stresses and discover their creative talent. It’ll be your job to make others happy, so they can get the most out of their night!

    The standard office job just isn't enough for you?

    Your day job doesn’t quite feel as fulfilling as it once was? Maybe you’re craving the opportunity to pick up a brush and pencil and just can’t live without art? If you want to inspire others and stimulate their passion for art, ArtNight is giving you the opportunity to live out your creative dream, to entertain others and earn money with it. We want you to be able to live your life as creatively as possible & to pursue an activity that you enjoy and isn’t just your daily job.

    The ArtNight Community is steadily growing and is already waiting for you!

    There are already over 35 talented ArtNight artists across the UK, who strive to pursue the collective vision of making their city a more colourful and creative place. There is also the opportunity to meet over 450 more of ArtNight’s artists throughout Europe, in the Netherlands, Germany & Austria. Our goal is to connect you with each other, so that you can support, inspire and motivate each other.

    What can we do for you?

    • Ease the burden: We handle everything for you from marketing, ticket sales to customer service.
    • Flexibility: You decide where, when and how many ArtNights you want to do.
    • Additional Income: You can plan in advance and receive a guaranteed minimum payment per ArtNight.
    • High-Quality Materials: We provide you with all the high-quality materials and equipment free of charge.

    What would we like from you?

    • Passion for painting and the necessary know-how.
    • You already have experience in conducting and leading workshops
    • You have a positive, cheerful, entertaining & outgoing personality
    • You are not afraid to be the centrepiece of the event, entertaining others and bringing people together.
    • You are an empathetic person and love communicating
    • You are aware that it will be your responsibility to prepare the room (eg. position chairs/tables, distribute paint etc.)
    • You have space at home/in the basement to store materials
    • You are organised and reliable
    • Optional: UK Driving License and a car

    Insight into the ArtNight Life

    The application process


    1. Send off the application

    Enter your contact details 

    2. We'll get to know you better

    Answer a few questions about yourself and your skills 

    3. Video & phone Interview

    Get to know our recruiting team and we take the time for your questions. 

    4. Contract Offer

    Receive our freelance contract and clarify any further questions

    ArtNight compared to other jobs

    Waitress Independent Artist Art Teacher  Office Job ArtNight
    Earn Money check check check check check
    Free Materials check
    Empower People check check
    Be Creative check check check
    Meet Other Artists check
    Self-Development check check check
    Earn Money
    Free Materials
    Empower People
    Be Creative
    Meet Other Artists

    Artist Recruiting Team for ArtNight UK

    To make ArtNight even bigger and better, we are always on the lookout for artists who want to make the world a happier and more colourful place with us. We look forward to getting to know you better! – Esé & Sophie

    Artists referring Artists

    Do you know any creative people who have what it takes to become an ArtNight artist, too? Just recommend ArtNight to a friend for a monetary reward.

    For every ArtNight artist who successfully apply, by signing the contract and give your name, you will receive a bonus of £50.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    I'm having issues sending my application, what should I do?

    Make sure you have filled in all fields marked with an asterisk (*). If you still have issues sending your application form, try another browser and check your internet connection. If you still have problems, please feel free to contact us at any time (

    What happens after I have sent my application?

    We check all applications and you’ll usually receive a reply from us within a week.

    What is the application process?

    After submitting the application, you will go through the following steps with us: If you are successful, we will ask you to answer some short video questions, in which you briefly introduce yourself. We will invite you to an online interview for the third round of the process, and to come an experience an ArtNight for yourself and meeting one our existing artists, after which, we will offer you the freelancer contract. 🙂

    I can't find my ArtNight city in the list, can I still apply?

    If your city does not appear on ArtNight’s list, it is likely that we won’t be opening it as an ArtNight city for the time being. But maybe there is an alternative city nearby that is on our list and would be possible for you? Then we would be very open to receiving an application from you. If this is not the case, please check our website regularly for updates. There is still always a chance that your city could be represented by ArtNight in the near future. If you want to send a more general application so we can keep you in mind for the future, please visit: and apply there.

    What would my employment status be?

    Our artists are employed on a freelancer. You can choose when, where and how you offer your ArtNights. ArtNight cannot be your main occupation. This means that you will invoice us and we will transfer the invoice amount to you monthly. You must clarify questions, relating to social security, your exact employment status and tax-law, by yourself as this depends on your other work and personal situation.

    How much can I earn at ArtNight?

    You will receive up to £190 , for a standard ArtNight event.

    Which materials are used and do I have to pay for them?

    For a standard ArtNight, artists work with acrylic on canvas (30x40cm) with flat brushes. We receive our high-quality materials from our partner ‘Marabu’.

    You won’t have to pay for the material, we will always deliver everything you need for your ArtNights, completely free of charge. Only at the beginning of your ArtNight career, you will need to pay us a one-time deposit of £150 for the equipment, which will be returned to you after the end of your time with ArtNight.

    What is the reason I need room for approx. 6 moving boxes?

    Our ArtNight starter set consists of all the materials you will need for your ArtNights – everything is included (eg. brushes, paints, aprons, easels, canvases etc.). So that you don’t have to order new material from us after every ArtNight, you will receive a larger starter set at the beginning and then you can always order new material, if necessary. All in all, this takes up space of approx. 6 moving boxes.

    Who chooses the motifs for the ArtNight?

    For your own public ArtNights, you can choose motifs from a range of our own motif selection. You can also submit suggestions yourself. If we accept your suggestion, your motif will be included in our European-wide catalogue and will be offered to other ArtNight artists to offer in their cities all over Europe!

    Who is responsible for handling venues?

    The location search and communication with the venue is fully the responsiblity of our ArtNight artists. You decide when and where you would like your ArtNights should take place. We will support you on your independent search with helpful coaching and marketing materials, with which many artists have already been able to use to secure locations for themselves.

    Who handles the costs, involved with the venue?

    For our ArtNight artists, there should be no costs involved for the location. This is because, through your ArtNight, you will essentially be giving the location free marketing, filling up their empty capacity and increasing their turnover. If your desired location insists on a room rental, then you need to find another location.

    How many ArtNights can I organise per month?

    You can decide for yourself the date, time and how many ArtNights you want to take place. Our active artists may organise, on average, four to seven ArtNights per week.

    At what times can the ArtNight take place?

    ArtNights during the week should take place from 5pm onwards. On weekends, they could start in the early afternoon.

    Do I need a car to become an ArtNight artist?

    No, a car is not necessary. The materials can be transported by public transport, as an alternative option.

    Do I get transport reimbursements?

    No, unfortunately we cannot reimburse you for your journey or parking costs incurred.

    What is the difference between a public and private ArtNight?

    Public ArtNights are events, in which customers can buy available tickets, and dates as well as start-times are determined by the artist. Private ArtNights are closed events in which, groups can book directly with us with their desired date, place and motifs (eg. office parties, hen-parties, birthdays etc.). We will then look for an artist to take over this event.

    Will I also get to know the other ArtNight artists?

    Of course! One of our main passions is to support artists and connect them with other artists. Once you join the team you will be introduced to the other artists in your local area and across the UK – an instant community of like-minded creative folk! We have regular meetups and encourage you to get to know one another. You will also have regular contact with the UK and artist management team from our head office in Berlin. We also organise an amazing ArtNight Festival once a year so you can meet your international colleagues. We usually meet for a weekend in a city, in an event location booked by us. Along with good food and drinks, it’s really the ideal opportunity to get to know each other even better, to exchange ideas and learn from each other.

    What happens after I sign my contract?

    After you have signed a contract with us, you will get your personal access to the ‘ArtNight Academy’. Here, you will find many online courses with videos and texts, to help you get started at ArtNight. You will also take part in two webinars, which each last for a duration of one hour. In these webinars, you will learn about our concept, our digital infrastructure, along with tips and tricks for your very own ArtNights. Additionally, you will be connected to your colleagues within your city and the UK. This way, you will learn the ins and outs of an ArtNight from an experienced artist and exchange ideas with the local community.