Every 18 minutes we check our smartphone. Take a digital detox now!


1 in 2 of us longs for a digital break

Every day we spend several hours in front of laptops, smartphones, etc. We’ve been addicted for a long time! Studies confirm: Every 18 minutes we check our smartphone. Every second person wants to be offline and switch off. Experience a unique evening full of creativity on an ArtNight and create your work of art with your own hands. Don’t worry: you don’t have to be an artist!

What is an ArtNight?

ArtNight is a new creative experience in the UK. ArtNight means creating something with your own hands. Under the guidance of a local artist, you can create your very own piece of art within 2-3 hours. Whether you’re a complete beginner or seasoned painter, our artists explain step by step how to paint your chosen motive – in cool bars and restaurants in your city. Look forward to an evening full of creativity with cool people and a few drinks!

3 reasons why you will love ArtNight!

You're escaping the digital world!

When was the last time you put your smartphone away for two hours? On an ArtNight you do just that! You put your smartphone away, grab a brush and paint, paint, paint! All that counts is right now: You, your feelings and thoughts!  We are sure that there is a creative mind hiding in each of us, and ArtNight creates the perfect platform for you to discover yours and unleash your inner artist.

Get creative, enjoy a few drinks & meet new friends

On an ArtNight you have the opportunity to meet great new people from your city. Suddenly your seat neighbor turns out to be someone who has the same hobby as you. Your counterpart also likes to do yoga. Make real friends, network and just have fun – with new and old friends!

Create a masterpiece... and lasting memories!

Doing something together with your partner, friends or family is the best way to create happy memories. Enjoy creating some fun memories as you create your masterpiece!

Why should I go to an ArtNight?


You'll create your own artwork with a personal touch!


Guarantee to succeed: Our artists will show you how it works.


We provide all the materials for you & clean up afterwards.


In the end, you'll take your very own masterpiece home with you.


What others think about ArtNight!

Enjoy the ArtNight sense of satisfaction yourself:

You're unique. Your motive too!

Don’t feel like painting our motifs the way they are? You don’t have to! With an ArtNight we set no limits to your creativity. Interpret your chosen motif anew for yourself, use bold colours and experiment with different styles. Give your picture your personal touch – as unique as you are, so is your motif! And who knows, maybe the next Bob Ross is hiding inside you?

Original motif

Participant's motif

What are your plans for the weekend?

Try out ArtNight, the winner of evening entertainment.
Do so for only £34.

Drinks at the pub
Cinema, Coke & Popcorn Netflix,
Sofa & Chips
Restaurant next door ArtNight
Have fun check check check check check
Meet people check check check check
Experience something new check
Be creative check
Lasting memory check
Take something with you check

Do I have to be a good painter?

Don’t you worry. Even if your last art session was back in primary school, you don’t have to be an artist to enjoy ArtNight. It is important to us that our participants have fun! The rest is taken care of by our experienced artists: they will introduce you step by step to the motif, show you painting techniques and give you valuable tips. Anyone and Everyone is an artist with ArtNight.

All you need are: Eagerness to experiment, the courage to paint and a smile! Whatever your level of experience you’ll enjoy painting your own picture in 2-3 hours, have a creative evening with a few drinks and get to know great people from your city!

Find a motive that suits you!

Whether Frida, Banksy or Monet – at ArtNight you can choose your favorites from a whole range of different motifs. Would you like to paint an abstract motif, a magical glittering forest or a dreamy landscape? Want something sophisticated or simple? Our motif catalogue has it all! And the best part? New motifs are added regularly!

How you get your ticket!

Booking an ArtNight is very easy and only takes a few clicks.
In four steps you’re in!


1. Select date and motif


2. Book ArtNight online


3. Receive ticket by email


4. Attend ArtNight and have fun!

Take your artwork home with you.

After your creative experience and a few drinks, take your artwork home with you. Think of a place in your home where your masterpiece comes to the fore – or make a loved one happy with the ultimate personalised gift.