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    What is ArtNight?

    We have the vision to create a leisure activity for ALL. Not only do we want to entertain, we want to create unforgettable moments, more creativity, more togetherness and more fun! We want to offer a new form of entertainment that will bring us back together offline – away from the screens where all our inner creativity is ready to be unleashed! When you host an ArtNight, you help to reduce the stress of people’s daily routines and encourage them to discover their creative talent. So turn your artistic talent into a job and make others happy!

    A standard routine is not fit for you?

    Can’t imagine a life without handlettering and would like to inspire other people with your passion? ArtNight wants to give you the opportunity to live out your creative talent, to entertain others and to earn money with it. We want you to be able to live your life as creative as possible, to pursue an activity that you enjoy and not “just” a job.

    The ArtNight community is growing steadily and is already waiting for you!

    In Germany and Austria, there are already more than 300 ArtNight artists (acrylic and handlettering) who pursue the vision in making their city more colourful and creative. Joining our community as an artist from the UK, there is an opportunity to make contacts across these countries – the Netherlands too! Our goal is to connect ArtNight artists together so that you can support, inspire and motivate each other.

    What are we offering you?

    • Support: Marketing, ticket sales & customer service – we take everything off your hands.
    • Flexibility: You decide when, where and how many ArtNights you offer.
    • Additional income: You can plan in advance and receive a guaranteed minimum payment per ArtNight.
    • Great material: We provide you with high-quality materials and utensils from our cooperation partner Tombow free of charge.
    • Community: Our team in Berlin and the local community will be here to listen and provide you support.

    What are we looking for?

    • You have sound knowledge of all the usual handlettering techniques
    • You can lead workshops for handlettering beginners
    • You enjoy being the center of attention, entertaining others and bringing people together
    • You are empathetic and have great communication skills
    • You are aware that you have the responsibility in preparing the event space i.e. position of tables and chairs, distributing pens etc.
    • You are reliable and have a talent for organisation

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    ArtNight Artists (m/w/d) recruiting for UK and Netherlands

    To make ArtNight even bigger and better known, Anne is always looking for great artists who are looking to make the world happier and more colorful together with us. We are looking forward to get to know you better!

    Artists recruit artists (m/w/d)

    Know of fellow creatives who also have what it takes to become an ArtNight artist?* Simply recommend ArtNight to others and get rewarded in return!

    For every ArtNight artist* who has successfully applied (signed contract) and has given your name, you will receive a bonus of 50 GBP. As soon as this ArtNight artist has successfully completed the trainee phase, you will receive another 100 GBP as a bonus.

    Frequently asked questions

    I cannot send the application form - what can I do?

    Make sure that you have filled in all fields marked with an asterisk (*). If you still have problems sending your application form, try another browser and check your internet connection. If you still have problems, please feel free to contact us at any time (recruiting@artnight.com).

    What happens after I have sent my application?

    We check all applications and you will usually receive a reply from us within a week.

    What happens after submitting my application?

    After submitting the application form, you will go through the following steps with us. If you are one of our candidates for the next round, we will ask you to send us a time-delayed video of you in the next step in which you briefly introduce yourself (60 seconds). In the third round, we will invite you to an interview via video call. If you make a lasting impression in the interview, we will offer you a freelance contract. 🙂

    I cannot find my ArtNight city in the list, can I still apply?

    If your ArtNight city is not on our list, we do not plan to host ArtNights in that location for the time being. Perhaps there is an alternative city in your area that is on our list and is also possible for you? Then we would be very happy to receive an application from you. If this is not the case, please check our site regularly. Maybe you will soon find your city represented as an ArtNight city.

    What would my employment relationship be?

    Our artists are freelancers on a fee basis, you are not subject to social security contributions. You can choose when, where and how you offer the ArtNights. ArtNight cannot be a main occupation. This means that you invoice us and we transfer the invoice amount to you monthly. You have to clarify social security and tax law questions independently.

    How much can I earn at an ArtNight?

    You will receive a fee of up to 240 GBP (net) in the evening for a standard ArtNight.

    What materials are used and do I have to pay for them?

    We receive our high-quality materials from our cooperation partner Tombow.

    You do not have to pay for the materials as we will always deliver everything you need for your ArtNights for free. Only at the beginning of your ArtNight career will you need to pay us a one-time deposit of 150 GBP for the equipment, which will be returned to you after the end of the cooperation.

    Who is responsible for securing event venues?

    The venue search and communication with the venue is the responsibility of our ArtNight artists. You decide yourself where and when your ArtNights should take place. We support you in your independent search with helpful coaching and marketing materials, with which all our artists have managed to win location(s) for themselves so far.

    Who covers the costs for the location?

    There are no costs venue costs because through ArtNight events, we offer them free marketing, invite new customers to their space and increase their turnover. If your desired location insists on a room rental, you need another location.

    How many ArtNights per month can I give?

    You determine your ArtNight dates yourself in regards to time, place and scope. Our active ArtNight artists host an average of two ArtNights per week.

    At what times can ArtNights be organised?

    ArtNights take place during the week from 19:00.

    Is a car necessary to be an ArtNight artist?

    No, a car is not necessary – the material can also be transported by public transport.

    Do I get reimbursed for the trip to the location?

    No, unfortunately we cannot reimburse you for the drive to your location or parking fees.

    What is the difference between a public and a private ArtNight?

    Tickets for Public ArtNights are available to purchase by any customer via our website – here, the location, time and motif is determined by our artists. Private ArtNights are for closed groups booking directly with us with a specific date, place and motif in mind – private bookings are usually made for company events birthday parties and hen parties etc. We hold the responsibility of matching an artist for private events.

    Do I also meet other ArtNight artists?

    Of course you will meet other artists and our office team from Berlin. We organise an ArtNight Festival twice a year and during this weekend, we meet in a city and location booked by us! With good food and drinks, we have time and space to get to know each other even better, to exchange ideas and to learn from each other. 🙂

    What does my start at ArtNight look like?

    After you have signed a contract with us, you will get your personal access to our ArtNight Academy. Here, you will find many online courses with videos and text to help you start your journey with ArtNight. You will also take part in two webinars of one hour each. In these webinars you will learn about our concept, our digital infrastructure and tips and tricks for your first ArtNight.